Stainless Steel AODD

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The current range of AISI 316 made pumps includes sizes from 1/2″ inch to2″ inches.

These pumps address fluids with neutral pH or aggressive abrasive and viscous.
Casings and manifolds are lost wax cast and sport well finished surfaces with modern and attractive design,
The quality of cast parts is laboratory checked to assure structural integrity and the desiderate internal an external degree of finishing.
The central casing is made of injection moulded glass fibre reinforced polypropylene for its broad chemical resistance to corrosive chemicals and to corrosive atmospheres.


For the applications requiring compliance to ATEX Zone 1 (Serie II 2/2gd IIB at 135°C) the stainless steel pumps will be fitted with conductive central casing made of PP reinforced with carbon fibres ( PP+C).


Thermoplastic diaphragms offer high resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion and deliver long life cycles;
the broad range of applications these materials are adequate to, eases the choice of the correct pump execution for the specific application.
Diaphragms are available in Keyflex®, Santoprene®, and Polyurethane.

Elastomeric diaphragms deploy blend of rubbers embedding nylon reinforcing mesh designed to increse their mechanical resistance.
Most common elastomeric rubbers are nitrilic (NBR) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) based.
On request we deliver also fluorinted rubber FKM made diaphragms (e.g.: Viton®).

PTFE diaphragms, PTFE is the fluoro-polymer material with the broadest chemical resistance. Our PTFE diaphragms are manifactured with special process to be flexible and resistant and are always backed up by rear diaphragm of thermoplastic rubber which increases resistance and service life.