Self-Priming Pumps

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ALIFTER: thermoplastic self priming chemical pumps


for chemical liquids with high density and low boiling point

The range of self priming pumps manufactured by Argal is made up by two magnetic drive models named TMA and by three mechanical sealed models named ZMA.

Magnetic drive pumps TMA are manufactured with GFR-PP (Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene) or flour polymer fluorinated CFFC E-CTFE+C(Carbon fiber filled Etylene-ChloroTriFluoroEtylene).
The innovative design of these magnetic drive pumps delivers more suction lift in less time making possible to prime what was not before to conventional self priming centrifugal pumps.

Mechanical sealed pumps ZMA are machined from blocks either in PP, PVCor PVDF material.

Argal’s invention consists of a turbo pump capable to prime from an empty suction pipe without foot valve by a biphasic operation delivered by the special configuration of the impeller rotating within a purposely designed stator casing.
The biphasic radial turbo pump is capable to self prime from higher suction height, higher density or higher vapor tension liquids within a lesser priming time than any conventional self priming pump.